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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 14:53



Stronger than the Storm is New Jersey's message to everyone that the state is open for business is spite of the blow we took from Superstorm Sandy last October.  Those who have visited the shore this summer say everything looks the same as it did last summer: casinos open, beaches clean and tourist places full.  That took a monumental effort by the citizens of NJ and by friendly help from all over the country.  But appearances can be deceiving; the work that remains to be done is daunting and discouraging for many. Everything from tree damage to home repairs to infrastructure still remain to be tackled.  Our spirit may be stronger than the storm but our pocketbooks and resources are trying to catch up.

Here at Freedom in Christ Baptist Church, we do not consider ourselves stronger than the storm, but we rely on the One Who is. We took some damage in Sandy and due to the tremendous need for contractors and the many emergency repairs that our neighbors needed, we are still on the list to get things fixed.  We lost fencing, roofing, gutters, railings and such, damages far beyond what our insurance covered. Tree branches came down and we were without power for a week or so. The Sunday after Sandy hit we were open for worship but we had no electricity or heat.  We held our services in the kitchen (our warmest room), used flashlights when needed and kept bundled up. Surprisingly, we had visitors, other worshippers whose churches had cancelled services for various reasons.  While all our members suffered during this period, we are grateful to our Lord that none were displaced or suffered irrepairable damages.  We consider ourselves the recipients of Jesus Christ's great mercy and blessed by caring friends.

Half of our congregation are medical professionals: nurses and volunteer emergency medical technicians.  They all served during the storm, including our pastor.  We want to thank them for their commitment in the face of danger and disaster.  They graciously served their neighbors and each other, and they continue to do so. We also want to thank our fellow American Baptist Churches from all over the country who continue to send relief workers to New Jersey and offer their services to all still in need, regardless of their religious beliefs.  They give from the Lord's Hand.

Thank you for your prayers!


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